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PARTNERSHIP Bionatus and Earth Science Tech Inc. 


On 22 August 2017, was announced a partnership between Bionatus and Earth Science Tech. Inc ("ETST"), an innovative biotechnology company active in the Cannabidiol (CBD) oil segment,

This partnership is focused on the improvement of two Bionatus products that are successful in the Brazilian market, Propovit spray and Biotoss, to be released in the USA and Canada.

The newest division of Bionatus, Laboratoire Bionatus Pharmacognosique Inc. is located in Quebec, Canada, and brings with it the experience gained over 25 years of success in Brazil.

As Earth Science Tech, Bionatus and its new division will benefit from the expansive knowledge of the pharmaceutical technology that Quebec offers, which provides fertile ground for the development of even more innovative products.


 Earth Science Tech, Inc. Announces Partnership with Bionatus to Help Manufacture, Distribute, & Continue Further R&D on Cannabis (CBD) Products 


 Bionatus and Earth Science Tech Inc.  announce their  joint product innovation


As recently announced Bionatus and Earth Sciences announced their partnership for the development of two products. This new announcement follows the start of their joint product development activity.


Earth Science Tech, Inc. Signs Agreement with TransBiotech to start in Vitro & in Vivo in Phase II for Nutraceutical Patents

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Get News from Bionatus and New trends in Natural Products and Health





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