Our objective of Plant-derived drugs development

The Laboratory Bionatus Pharmacognosique Inc. is a new research and development division of the Brazilian Bionatus Laboratory based in Sao Jose Do Rio Preto, SP. The division aims to develop new therapeutic alternatives through the use of new plant-derived products design strategies. We aim to bring to the market, products only derived from natural substances under multimolecular form but well understood (Botanical drugs) or products combined with generic drugs of interest (Hybrids). Therefore, our products aim to mimic in their design, both data from ethnopharmacology and biopharmaceutical strategies.

We are also interested in the medicinal properties of Cannabidiol (CBD) to develop new therapeutic alternatives in collaboration with Earth Sciences Pharmaceutical, a US company specialized in CBD.




The fluid extract of Mikania glomerata (Guaco) a Brazilian plant is widely used as a syrup to help treat respiratory conditions in children and adults. 

The main chemical composition of Mikania glomerata includes phenolics, mainly coumarin and dihydrocoumarin, and also terpenes including triterpenoids and diterpenes. Throughout the years, large non-clinical researches in academic setting using in vitro or murine models have been conducted.


Benzopyrone- like structures such as coumarin and dihydrocoumarin are known to inhibit cycloxygenase enzymic systems and then upstream biosynthesized molecules like prostaglandins and cytokines such as IL-1, IL-2 and TNF-alpha.  Benzopyrones are also known to inhibit various types of edema. Plasma exudation from the bronchial microvasculature and the formation of tissue edema are characteristic features of respiratory tract chronic inflammatory disorders such as asthma. 





 2. HYBRID DRUG PRODUCT  and DRUG PRODUCT: NON-CLINICAL STUDIES (Chemistry and in vitro pharmacology )


Experiemental - BAROVITALL


 Experimental - BAROVITALL


Bariatric patients require postoperative follow-up throughout their lives. In many cases, appropriate supplementation is required.  One of the major difficulties that bariatric surgeons have is that patients can use a multivitamin with high doses of certain micronutrients daily and without interruption, which would mean many large capsules or tablets.  In our new patented formulations, various measures to facilitate absorption have been taken. 


Micronutrient deficiency can have serious consequences. In the long term, some disorders are obvious: accelerated osteoporosis, pathological fractures, cramps, immunosuppression, a risk of infection, severe anemia, neurological lesions, memory loss, among others. 


ONGOING: Prospective observational Study on bariatric surgery patients